Portable UV Meters & UV Monitors

Our UV Meters are the highest quality most accurate personal uv monitors of their kind available. They feature AlGaN sensors which closely follow the appropriate erythema action spectrum for UV Index (UVI) measurement. The UV Index indicates the “sunburn weighted rays” intensity from solar or lamp sources on a scale from 1-10+, and enables customers to determine their real-time UVI at any time of day or location…. sunny or cloudy.

The Sun Stations are seven inch diameter free-standing monitors with analog dials ideal for positioning outdoors and observing the UVI as it changes throughout the day from morning to noon to afternoon.

The Personal UV Monitors (PUVMs) are wearable technology watch type digital readout devices available in 5 styles. They feature the capability to program in your skin type and SPF lotion usage, with an alarm that sounds when your personal sunburn time limit has been reached. Also features accumulated UV memory. Please see PUVM style links for images and specifications.

The UV Monitors may be ordered securely online using Add to Cart buttons. (price range $49-59). Distributor inquiries are welcome using our Contact link email information.